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Alarm system technology has made great strides in efficacy and functionality since its inception. Traditionally used for safety protocols and deterrence, alarms now work in conjunction with other security applications in one interconnected system that provides total control and customisation for any situation that arises. At Rapid Protection, we are experts in premises security and will tailor the right solution for your needs.

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Peace of Mind

To protect high-value assets or multi-site premises, our alarm systems use advanced integrations to ensure your business and the people inside are secure at all times, including 24/7 monitoring capabilities using a Grade A1 control room, the highest standard in the security industry.

We’re known for using locally supplied, open-sourced technology and providing your elected staff with the proper training, so your solution can evolve with you over time. 

Custom Solutions

We design custom alarm system solutions for just about any type of business. From small retailers to multi-site colleges, governmental institutions and more, our tailored solutions deliver on their promises and adapt with you as your business grows and changes.

Our alarm systems and premises security solutions are built to integrate seamlessly with other security products, so they work harder for your business.

Remote Access

Monitor your alarm system from your smartphone or tablet and change user access at the touch of a button.

Alarm to Camera

Alarm to camera technology lets you monitor and detect incidents in real-time from anywhere.

Security guards

Our control room can dispatch a security guard to respond to your alarm system, so that you’re never in danger of confronting an intruder and can enjoy complete peace of mind.

Alarms are vital to protect people and their businesses, but when set up incorrectly, they can cause unnecessary disruption. Our custom security solutions mean your alarm system works how you need it to.

Reece Paulger, Managing Director at Rapid Protection Australia

24/7 Customer Service

We know that security threats and outages can occur at any time, so our technical support team is ready to assist you 24 hours a day.

20+ Years experience

We’ve spent over two decades installing, upgrading and maintaining leading security systems using an approach that intentionally builds value.

Strong Client Relationships

We’re proud to have long-standing relationships with our clients built on reliability, transparency, thoughtful advising and always over-delivering on value.

SMart Security Design

We invest significant time into research, training and certification in emerging security technologies that translate into tailored solutions for your business.

Everything you Need, Nothing you Don’t

We’re passionate about creating tailored security solutions based on your needs, no unnecessary and costly add-ons.

Achieve More Through Your Security Technology

Discover security that works harder for your business.

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